Meet Harry, your personal assistant

You decide the price




If you see the OFFER button or Harry anywhere next to a product it means that you can submit your best offer for it

Harry will then review your offer and let you know if you're successful

It's very easy to submit offers and get lower prices

Just find this box at the bottom of the product page and enter the amount that you want to pay

Harry will review your offer and either decline, accept or counter

You will be notified via email the outcome of the offer or you can check in your account

Harry will check offers within minutes (unless he is tired or asleep)

If you're a WB Club member, Harry will favour your offers

It's the festive season and Harry wants to give you the gift of luxury for less

Harry likes to call himself generous

We love South Africa, and this innovative feature is for you



You must log in to submit offers to Harry
All offers will be considered
Reasonable offers have a better chance
WB Club members are favoured by Harry
Check offer status in your account or email

Accepted and counter offers are valid for 24 hours only